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About us

STAMAR is a company established in 1989. Since its beginnings it is a family business, oriented towards the manufacture of cemetery candles. In the course of time, along with the experience gained in the business, the company introduced processing of paraffin and petroleum-derived products into its scope of business, basing its leading activity on this sector. Going through all the stages of economic development, we got to the point where the market does not accept sloppiness. This is why the company mission statement is:


All our activities are oriented towards obtaining the best product possible through constant modernization of equipment and technological processes, implementation of innovative methods of raw materials purification, as well as opening our own laboratory in order to ensure continuous physical and chemical analysis of paraffin mass.
Besides paraffins, we have included in our sale offer materials for the production of cemetery candles. We work in cooperation with many glassworks manufacturing candle glassware, as well as manufacturers of plastic packaging and cemetery candle accessories.
All offers of cooperation are most welcome and we guarantee that each and every staff member will go to great lengths in order to provide professional customer service, with manners and sense of humor. For your convenience, the Contact us section features contact information of staff members responsible for specific products. We do hope to establish long-lasting cooperation with your company.
Kind regards.